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Q&A with the Firm’s Founders: 

Greg Cirillo and Gary Horowitz


Learn more about us! Read a Q&A with our two founders, Greg Cirillo (pictured right) and Gary Horowitz (pictured left).  

  • Tell us about the founding of HCH Legal
    Greg: Gary and I worked for several years together at a large law firm, and often spoke about ways we could improve things for our clients and ourselves. We knew what clients wanted from us, and we knew what the big firm wanted from us, and the demands were almost always in conflict. We came away from these conversations with the conviction that we could create a clean-sheet type of law firm that was better for clients and more satisfying for us. We had a business plan in February and had doors open by July 1.
  • What did you have in mind when you started HCH Legal?
    Gary: We wanted to give our clients the best of a large firm, especially providing expertise from top attorneys. At the same time, we wanted to eliminate the challenges of working with big firms, like rigid billing policies, high overhead, strict hierarchy, and the distractions created by a firm’s internal politics. By focusing on narrow specialties, we also offer greater depth in that specialty than most large firms.
  • What does your firm offer that others do not?
    Greg: Our relationship with our clients distinguishes us the most. Each relationship is customized and personal. Our attorneys are encouraged to tailor their practice to what their clients want and need. This includes being responsive to their clients’ rate and billing preferences, frequency of contact, and more. This gives the clients the results they are looking for and also gives our attorneys an ownership interest in the relationships they have nurtured.
  • What does HCH value?
    Greg: Above all else, we value practical, honest, and ethical work. Our clients are among the most successful people and companies in the world, and to satisfy them, we need to operate at their level. Gary: We often have in mind a particular client we have been proud to serve. She always expected the absolute best of us, and never hesitated to offer feedback. Before we make any major decision that affects the firm’s image or work product, be it a web site, a logo or our physical space, we ask, “What would Liz think? Would Liz be satisfied?”
  • Tell us about your attorneys
    Gary: We recruit based on reputation, character and personality. We have tremendous respect for each other and we collaborate as a team. We’ve taken down the barriers that limit a large firm’s attorney’s motivations to collaborate. Our confidence in each other is felt by our clients. Greg: Our management structure gives attorneys broad discretion and responsibility to manage their business. And compensation follows directly from the ability to manage clients. It’s a structure that self-selects entrepreneurial attorneys who “get it” when it comes to client needs and the business of a law practice. It’s not for everyone, but the clarity of our message helps us find compatible professionals. We’re very much a team of equals. Gary: And we always strive to enjoy what we do. Some of our internal email threads are worthy of publication!
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