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      (Commercial Disputes)

HCH Legal offers creative and practical representation to resolve legal disputes and violations of all kinds. Our first objective in any dispute is to define your desired outcome, assess the facts and law, and then provide you with the probabilities and cost data necessary to set a course of action.


  • Claim Assessment:  The best time to involve counsel is as early as possible.  Has there been a contract breach?  Is it possible that someone violated a law?  Let HCH Legal help you assess the landscape and develop an early plan.


  • Commercial Negotiation: Many disputes can be resolved with minimal expense by forceful but amicable negotiation.  HCH Legal takes a business-oriented approach, saving the "big guns" for matters that cannot be resolved commercially.


  • Mediation, Arbitration & Litigation: HCH Legal can represent your interests in state and federal courts, as well as contractual and judicial mediation and arbitration.  


  • Internal Investigations & Government Investigations: Our attorneys have worked closely with corporations, high net worth individuals, board of directors and special committees in order to address high-stakes investigations and potential penalties.

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