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Mark Ringel to Present at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

November 1, 2016 (10:30AM)

HCH Legal Member, Mark Ringel, will join a panel taking an entertaining and interactive role-playing approach as they discuss an aircraft transaction and highlight common issues. Represented will be a broker/seller, a buyer/agent, and aviation attorney... each providing their perspective and interests in the transaction. Join us to discuss different approaches to the following issues which may be “too big,” “too small,” or “just right” for your next transaction:

  • Current market conditions

  • Valuation of the asset

  • Inspection workscope

  • Purchase agreement and the key terms within

  • Closing

  • Conflicts of interest

  • And a variety of other considerations.

Bring your questions and ideas and learn about successful strategies and red flags.

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